How To Find The Right Gallery Space For Your First Exhibition

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Exhibiting your work is one of the most exciting moments that can fill an artist with a lot of pride. One might even say that it’s a culmination of the creative growth of any artist put on display for others to see, examine, and maybe even interpret.

So, if you’re an artist that wants to hold an exhibit, looking for a venue is important. An art gallery rental in Paris or any other major art place would be the ultimate dream because of how renowned their art galleries and exhibits are all around the world. If you’re planning your first exhibit, you want to make an impact, so looking for the perfect venue should be one of the priorities.

To do this, here are some points of consideration to help guide your final pick for your first gallery space.

How To Find The Right Gallery Space

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  1. Join group exhibits

Before jumping into a solo exhibit, it might be a better strategy to join a group exhibition first. This will help you learn the ropes and understand the process better. Also, it’ll allow you to get hands-on experience. Take this as a learning opportunity, so soak in as much information as you can, especially when it comes to technical aspects like selecting artworks, framing, hanging, pricing, and promotion. (2)

When they’re choosing the venue, make sure that you’re an active participant so you can familiarize yourself with different types of exhibits, how to get better deals, and how to hire the space. Usually, someone with more experience will be guiding the processes, and it’s a fantastic time to get some practice and learn from your seniors.

  1. Base the choice on the location

Location is everything, as it can determine how many people will be attending and how accessible it is. For a first-timer, getting a spot in the city would help get more traction and even new people. (3)

However, for artists that are already quite popular and have a solid fan base or following, it’s possible to get a location further away from town. This is because they can be sure there will be some loyal patrons who’ll attend. (3)

  1. Get to know their track record

The reputation and track record of a gallery space is important. This will help you get an understanding about how long they’ve been in the business, how successful their exhibits get, if they have a good relationship with artists, and more.

If the gallery space has a great reputation for running consecutive successful exhibits, then that can be a great sign that your exhibit can become a big and trendy art event. (3)

  1. Pay attention to how they present art

A gallery is all about how well your art pieces are showcased. For example, choosing lighting, framing, and placing can make a huge difference. And it’s not just about the actual exhibit only; it’s also about the customer service, how their website looks, the quality of images, the invitations’ design, and more. (3)

Looking into these matters is crucial because it’ll also be tethered to your brand as an artist. If the overall quality falls short, it’ll affect your image. But if you get the best services, then you and others can have a satisfying, enjoyable, and memorable exhibit experience.

  1. Be patient

Sometimes, the best gallery spaces might be booked for a while. And you might not get a reservation immediately. It can be tempting to just get any gallery space you can find, but this can also go against your personal standards.

If you want the best of the best, then have patience. In the meantime, you might want to plan the overall vision you have for your exhibit. Besides, you can never be too prepared for your first gallery. You might even want to work on your home studio or work on more art while you’re waiting just to help yourself stay inspired and excited for your coming exhibit.

The importance of an art exhibit

Starting your very own exhibit can have all kinds of purposes and benefits. From a personal level, it’s a way to express your thoughts, emotions, and creativity in a collection. It also helps keep you and others feel motivated, which can inspire more people to make art. (1)

It also brings attention to any artist, whether they’re new or have been in the scene for a while. Because of this, they’re able to network better with people and organizations in the art community. Once they network better, they can learn new things from other individuals. Besides, the actual exhibition itself can give an artist all kinds of learning experiences to improve. (1)


An artist’s first exhibit is a huge milestone that’s meant to celebrate a body of work for all people to see. It’s exciting not just for the artist but also for the art community, friends, and their families. So, it’s important to make this moment as perfect as possible. And to do this, it’s necessary to prepare carefully, so you can choose the right gallery space that suits your vision as an artist, as well as your integrity as a professional.


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