5 italian cities to see in 2017

Chiesa della Salute | Chiese Venezia


Italy is the country which has the highest number of art cities in the world, where ancient and modern stories intertwine in alleys and squares, in palaces and historic shops throughout the peninsula.
In Italy you may walk and savour sweets made like they did a century ago, as it happens in the historic shops in Genoa; or you may stumble on the marvels of Rovigo, the city which keeps some masterpieces by Giovanni Bellini and Tiepolo.

I made a selection of the 5 italian cities which hold the best of Italy (food, art, extraordinary landscapes) and which this year should be visited because they organize unmissable events.
Don’t you think that each city is worth visiting?


Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2017 is Pistoia (the 2016 Italian Capital of Culture was Mantua), and you should visit Pistoia in 2017 just for this reason.
From the Cattedrale di San Zeno (the Cathedral of Saint Zeno) to the Battistero (the Baptistery), there is so much to do and see in Pistoia, and everything is made more appealing by the Tuscan culinary tradition.

Events to attend in 2017: Pistoia Blues, a jazz festival which hosts important musicians of the international scene.


Image source: Novo Stilos.it


After Pistoia, Palermo will be the Italian Capital of Culture, thus it is worth visiting this year, and then coming back for the events of 2018. In fact, you can’t visit Palermo only once, because there’s the sea and a variety of cultures inhabited the island leaving flavours and colours in traditional dishes and in historic buildings of the city.

Palermo | Cattedrale

Image source: Tes.com


My favourite city can’t be missing in this list, and I dedicated also a special and always updated page to it, in order to know what to see in Venice.
Any tourist who visits Venice lives it in a different way: some find it romantic, others find it chaotic; still others would like to live in a palace overlooking the Grand Canal; and there are people who want to visit only the most unexplored areas of Venice.
Let yourself be seduced by the charms of Venice!

Events to attend in 2017: Venice Biennale 2017 and the last incredible exhibition by Damien Hirst.

Venezia | Canal Grande


Treviso is just a 30-minute journey from Venice. The city is a perfect combination of art, history and nature. From buildings by Andrea Palladio to works by Giorgione up to sculptures by Antonio Canova, Treviso and its surroundings has much to offer.

Events to attend in 2017: there are exhibitions and events to suit all tastes all year round. You’ll find the full list in the post I dedicated to the events in Treviso.

Pescheria Treviso e Casa Carraresi


The Teatro Olimpico (the Olympic Theatre) is one of the architectural masterpieces Palladio left to the city of Vicenza. And is not even the only one, because Vicenza and its surroundings is full of masterworks of the great Renaissance architect, and the most beautiful itinerary I suggest you is the one to discover the Palladian Villas.

Events to attend in 2017: from October 7th 2017 to April 8th 2018 a monumental exhibition displaying Van Gogh’s masterpieces will arrive in Vicenza.
The exhibition is on the list of the unmissable exhibitions of 2017.


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