Jack Jano. Law of Superposition

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During my visit to the Venice Biennale I discovered Jack Jano.
In addition to several events and 4 good reasons to go to the Venice Biennale 2017, walking around the city and finding some exhibitions, maybe small but very interesting, has never been so fun.

While I was wandering, I found the exhibition area of One Contemporary Art displaying works by Jack Jano, artist born in Morocco in 1949, who wanted to be an actor, but the vicissitudes of life led him to dedicate himself to art, or maybe it was art that found him.

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Jack Jano | mostre Venezia

Jack Jano exhibits in Venice 7 installations on view on the Island of Giudecca, and another one is at the Jewish Museum in Venice.

The theme of the exhibition is the recovery of the face, and the installation “Me&I” occupies most of this exhibition area.
At first, I believed that I was looking at a series of self-portraits of the artist, but later, looking carefully at the artwork, I realised that I was in front of a map, within which you can follow an itinerary which leads you to the discovery of a constant transformation.
All those faces observe “Upside Down City”, that is an overturned city, suspended between real and unreal.

Jack Jano obliges you to change your point of view, to turn it upside down, and made me reflect upon the fact that art should raise questions, and not necessarily give you answers.
Art has to persuade you to get a new perspective and observe people, cultures and religions in a new way.

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Jack Jano | eventi VeneziaJack Jano | gallerie VeneziaJack Jano | Biennale Venezia

Jack Jano – 
Law of Superposition
Giudecca 211/B | Venice
One Contemporary Art

11 May 2017 – 11 August 2017


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2 thoughts on “Jack Jano. Law of Superposition

  1. Questa esposizione mi sembra veramente interessante come pure le opere. Farò sicuramente un giro per Venezia a vedere le mostre collaterali alla biennale. Aspetto però che faccia un po’ meno caldo e che il flusso dei turisti diminuisca un po! Grazie per tenerci sempre aggiornati.

    • Chiude l’11 agosto. Non resterai delusa, soprattutto se troverai uno dei curatori, Pier Paolo Celsi.
      Ti spiegherà tutto dell’artista e anche di più 😉

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