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Why should an eyewear brand link its name and its latest collection to a street artist and to his works?

The new O-Six collection is aimed at getting a different perspective, and has a lot in common with Kenny Random’s works, who is considered the Italian Bansky.
But in Random’s works we can find romanticism and poetry more than the irony which characterizes Bansky’s works.
Kenny Random’s Street Art reminds us that we should observe the world in a different way, and that we need to look beyond stone alleys and vehicle entrances of our cities. That’s why O-Six brand has chosen Kenny Random’s graffiti for the new eyewear campaign, to get a different perspective!

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O-Six is a long-standing brand; in fact its history began more than 20 years ago. In 2017 the brand has decided to involve some young artists, by stimulating them and giving them incentives through a sort of modern patronage, launching the project O-Six for Art.

Kenny Ransom’s works are perfect for this project, because, as Riccardo Piazza, CEO of O-Six told me, his works are located in an atypical urban context, atypical because Padua isn’t the typical city where you would expect to find this kind of street art.

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