L’Atlas: Cryptograms


After the exhibition Transversal, opened in 2014 at the Rome gallery, Wunderkammern presents in Milan a new solo show by L’Atlas: CRYPTOGRAMS.

L’Atlas (France, 1978) lives and works in Paris.
He is one of the most internationally recognized artists in Urban Art, he exhibited in important institutions in Paris.

L’Atlas has started his artistic path by painting in the streets of Paris in the ‘90s.
His strong interest for the techniques and the history of calligraphy later brought him to study Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy in different countries around the world.
In his artistic production it is possible to find a combination and a synthesis of elements deriving from Graffiti, Geometric Abstraction, Optical Art and Kinetic Art.

L’Atlas has produced a new series of canvases of medium size specifically for the exhibition at Wunderkammern; the majority of them has been created using white, black or different tonalities of grey spray paint.
However, the artist has also introduced in two artworks a colour which becomes fluorescent under black light.

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November 23 – December 21, 2017

curated by: Giuseppe Pizzuto
critical essay by: Davide Francioli

Via Ausonio 1A, Milan (M2 and Bus 94 Sant’Ambrogio stop)


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