La piena dell’occhio (the flood of the eye) by Enrico Minguzzi

Enrico Minguzzi | Fior d'uovo

Enrico Minguzzi, Fior d’uovo, 2022, olio su resina epossidica su tela, cm 24x18x2


On 23 September, in the rooms of the Ex Convento di San Francesco in Bagnacavallo, the exhibition La piena dell’occhio, a solo show by Enrico Minguzzi curated by Saverio Verini, opens to the public.

More than forty paintings and sculptures, realised by the artist between 2021 and 2022, to understand an artistic research made of superimpositions.

The fullness of the eye

Enrico Minguzzi | Fluoritura

Enrico Minguzzi, Fluoritura, 2021, olio su resina epossidica su tela, cm 200x150x4

The title of the exhibition may sound strange, but it actually alludes to the overflow of images.
The flooding of the eye refers precisely to the inundation of images and three-dimensional forms in the rooms of the Ex Convento, which appear as silent yet intrusive presences.

Enrico Minguzzi is an artist who works between figuration and abstraction.
His pictorial imagery is composed of superimpositions of veils, thin layers of colour, outlining a series of suspended forms.
While he confronts the great figurative tradition of the 19th century, he also describes a mysterious reality.

Enrico Minguzzi’s works are almost portraits of the natural world, reminiscent of something that exists in nature, but is actually the brainchild of the artist.
These elements seem unarmed, photographed in a precise instant, but one has the feeling that life pulses within them and wants to escape from the confined space of two-dimensionality.

In addition to the series of paintings, Minguzzi has chosen to flank a body of unpublished sculptures and it is here that he gives his images three-dimensionality.
In a ‘reverse’ process, he translates paintings into sculpture by experimenting with new techniques and materials, thus opening up further developments in his artistic practice.

Enrico Minguzzi | Cuor di piuma

Enrico Minguzzi, Cuor di piuma, 2022, porcellana, cm 24x35x20


Enrico Minguzzi
La piena dell’occhio (The flood of the eye)
curated by Saverio Verini

23 September – 11 December 2022
Ex Convento di San Francesco
Via Luigi Cadorna 14, Bagnacavallo (RA)

The exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Bagnacavallo and organised by the Museo Civico delle Cappuccine on the occasion of the Feast of St. Michael, offers a cross-section of the artist’s recent artistic production.

Enrico Minguzzi | Erma

Enrico Minguzzi, Erma, 2021, olio su resina epossidica su tela, cm 120x100x4


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