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This year Christmas has arrived in advance for me, thanks to an amazing gift.
I received the Musement Giftbox, and I can choose one of the several available art experiences it offers and, in addition, I discovered a new way to make original presents.

If you’re looking for a gift to place under your Christmas tree or a way to surprise someone, you’d better read this post from beginning to end, because I’m about to tell you everything about the gift I received and which is perfect for art lovers.

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There are several digital platforms to book or give journeys or experiences as a gift, but there’s a place on the Internet which is different from the others, because it allows you to plan what you want to see and do: museums to explore, monuments to discover and cities to visit.

The name of this platform is Musement, and I’ve already used it to book tickets to some exhibitions and museums.

Now with Musement you can buy a Giftbox too, the only digital gift box dedicated to art, featuring several activities you can book with a simple click. I received “Appuntamento con l’Arte” (“Meeting with art”), one of the 12 different gift boxes you can find on the official Musement Giftbox website. 

I have 2 years to choose and book my experience, therefore that’s one of those gifts I can enjoy with no hurry, and that’s why I like it even more.
In fact, I can choose the right moment and the place I haven’t visited yet to fully enjoy it!

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and the Louvre Museum are just some art experiences you can find in the Musement Giftbox “Appuntamento con l’Arte”(“Meeting with art”).

And I look forward to leaving!


Musement Giftbox is suitable for everyone and is very easy to give it as a gift and to use.

1. You can choose the gift box in a digital format (you can send it directly by mail to the recipient or you can print it out and deliver it by hand) or the “physical” gift box by purchasing it on Amazon (you can either send the box to the recipient’s address or to your address and deliver it in person).This is the link to choose —>

2. In both cases the person who will get the gift (either it is a digital voucher or a physical box) will enter the code she/he will find in the Musement Giftbox on the page indicated in the box.

3. All you have to do is choose and that’s it!
Once you’ve entered the code you’ll access to a series of experiences and activities selected according to the Musement Giftbox you chose.


Musement Giftbox is perfect for art lovers.
Here are the reasons why it is a nice gift to give and receive:

1. online procedure from the choice of the gift made by the buyer to the booking made by the recipient, so there’s no museum or exhibition call centers to contact;

2. an almost endless choice of activities, including museums and places of cultural and tourist interest all over the world. For this reason I’m going to give it as a gift to my friends who live abroad, too.

3. immediate booking confirmation;

4. the code in the Musement Giftbox can be valid up to 2 years from the date of issue.

It’s a bright idea, isn’t it? 😉

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