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The NFT and crypto art sector has grown unstoppably in recent times, creating some important personalities in the industry who can be considered to be crypto art influencers.

These are artists who use social media to showcase their digital works and disseminate them to an ever wider audience.
They are true pioneers in interpreting the link between art and the metaverse and, according to a survey carried out by FLU PLUS, an integrated influencer marketing suite owned by FLU, the phenomenon is expanding to the point of involving museums and galleries: suffice it to think of the creation of the Seattle NFT Museum, the first NFT museum opened on 14 January in Seattle.

NFT and crypto art

The non-fungible token (NFT) is a virtual object, as Strip gallery explained well in the interview in which he explained what NFT art is and what it is for.
Its identity, authenticity and traceability are guaranteed and stored thanks to blockchain technology and can be purchased through digital currencies such as bitcoins.

The concept of enjoyment of an NFT is different from the concept of ownership because everyone can enjoy the digital work, but only some can own it, buying it through marketplaces dedicated to NFT, such as OpenSea or Binance NFT Marketplace. With the use of social media, therefore, the sharing of NFT works becomes a way to provide access to and share art in the virtual world.

In this scenario, the social profiles of artists working with digital and crypto art are becoming increasingly important.
For example, Federico Clapis, a leading figure in this field in Italy, digitised his work “Tank Fish” (created as part of an environmental awareness project) in 2021 and sold it for around €70,000.


According to research carried out by FLU PLUS, the majority of crypto art users in Italy are men (62%) aged between 25 and 34.
The analysis also shows who the top 10 NFT and crypto art influencers are.

The ranking sees in first place the aforementioned artist Federico Clapis (@federicoclapis) with 20.35%, in second place is Leopoldo D’Angelo (@dangiuz) with 13.44% and in third place is Annibale Siconolfi (@annibalesiconolfi) with 6.51%.
Next in line are: Giusy Amoroso (@marigoldff), Skygolpe (@skygolpe), Catello Gragnaniello (@catelloo), Giovanni Motta (@mottagiovanni), Giuseppe Lo Schiavo (@giuseppeloschiavo), Stefano Fraone (@_dotpigeon) and Fabio Catapano (@fabiocatapano).

NFT | crypto art


At first glance, NFT and crypto art may seem like speculation, but in reality it is much more than that and there is a real community of collectors and artists who have decided to bet on a new way of making art and a new way of disseminating it.

“Often, from the outside, this world can seem like a speculative act for creative trailers who like to market images,” said Federico Clapis, who added: “What not everyone knows is that there is often a real passion among collectors. It’s a much more ‘romantic’ journey than you think, a very cohesive community united by a thirst and a desire to see the future come true”.


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