What NFT art is and what it is for: an interview with The Strip Gallery

Beeple | Everydays-The First 5000 Days

Beeple, Everydays-The First 5000 Days


In the art world a revolution is currently underway. Its name is NFT art or Crypto art and maybe it would change the art market forever.

To understand what NTF art is, what it is for and if it will really change the art world, I asked Martina Manco, founder of  The Strip online art gallery some questions.

What NFT art is and what it is for

Cesar Pelizer | Holding it Together

Cesar Pelizer “Holding it Together” – 3d digital art

ApB: What NFT art is?

Strip gallery: NFT art offers the chance of giving a digital work of art a sort of passport, before putting on the market. In fact, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital certificates of authenticity, unique codes that can’t be modified, written, forever, inside a network accessible to anyone.

In the artistic field NFTs are used to certify and guarantee 100% that a digital work of art exists and has been uploaded to the network by the creator.
Taking a practical example, if an artist registers his digital work of art, the original author will always be traceable, even though the ownership of this artwork would pass to 1,000 owners.
It’s a real revolution!

ApB: What artists have already used virtuously NTF art?

Strip gallery: the digital artist who made NFT art known to the whole world is Beeple.  An unknown artist until March 11st 2021, when his digital art work “Everydays-The First 5000 Days” was sold at Christie’s for $ 69,346,250.
However, also OBEY and Cesar Pelizer have begun creating their works by using NFT art and this is just the beginning.
In the following months and years many artists would use this system to put their own artworks on the market.

ApB: What are the advantages for collectors?

Strip gallery: the first advantage is that digital art becomes to all intents and purposes art, even though works of art have been created with no colors and paintbrushes.
So, it’s paving the way for a new kind of collecting.

Thanks to NFT technology a digital file (artwork) can be exchanged just like other works of art.
In addition, those who collect digital works of art thanks to NFT technology become owners of a digital file that many people can download.
The more people admire or download the work the more prestige of NFT and the owner grows. An owner that can even decide to take advantage of it as he prefers.
Basically, everybody can see a work of art created and protected by NFT art, but only one person owns it.

It’s certainly a promising market that is arousing the curiosity of several artists, art lovers and collectors.
And to satisfy the curiosity of those who want to learn more, we’ve recently created on our website a guide to NFT Art, to answer their questions.

ApB: What’s the future of NTF art?

Strip gallery: it’s difficult to answer this question because it’s a new born market. This is certainly an exciting moment because all, including international auction houses, such as  Christie’s and Sotheby’s, have begun proposing crypto art and would keep doing in the following months.

If you are interested in the topic of NTF, it may be useful to know more about Intellectual Property Law to Protect Artworks.

There are many artists, including Italian ones, who are now dedicated to NTF art. To find out which ones to follow take a look at the post about NFT and crypto art: 10 artists to follow.



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