Robert Capa in Italy 1943-1944

robert capa | Master Selection

Robert Capa in Italy 1943-1944

Robert Capa in Italy. Some people consider Robert Capa the father of photojournalism, whilst other people consider him the man who renovated it. Certainly, he was a great photographer, who lived most of his life on the battlefield, not to fight but to document events and pain caused by war.

The exhibition dedicated to the great war photographer Robert Capa, showing 78 black and white pictures taken during the World War II in Italy, is on view in San Gimignano at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art “Raffaele De Grada”.

robert capa |war in Italy

Robert Capa during more than 20 years of his career reported the five major world conflicts: the Spanish Civil War, the Chinese resistance to Japanese invasion, the World War II, the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, and the First Indochina War.
His photos on exhibition in San Gimignano were taken in Italy in 1943 and 1944, and after 70 years tell the story of the landing of the Allies in Italy, through a selection of pictures from the series Robert Capa Master Selection III held in Budapest, and bought by the Hungarian National Museum between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.

The series consisting of 937 photos taken by Capa in 23 Countries of 4 continents, is one of the three Master Selection created by Cornell, Robert Capa’s brother, who was himself a photographer, and by Richard Whelan, Capa’s biographer, in the early 1990s and held in New York, Tokio and Budapest.
The series, identical to themselves, and called Master Section I, II, and III, come from the collection of the International Center of photography of New York, where the inheritance of Robert Capa is held.

robert capa | war

Robert Capa in Italy 1943-1944
5 March-10 July 2016
San Gimignano, Gallery Of Modern and Contemporary Art “Raffaele De Grada”


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