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 Casa Artusi | library

Casa Artusi

When I go to Forlì to see the exhibitions arranged at the Musei of San Domenico, I always go to the nearby town of Forlimpopoli to visit Casa Artusi.

Pellegrino Artusi was a writer and a gastronome, but he’s famous for being the father of the Italian cuisine.
In this post I will explain why 😉

casa artis | school

His book “La scienza in cucina e l’ Arte di mangiar bene” (“The Science of cooking and the Art of Fine dining”), published for the first time in 1891 and a perennial best seller, is the first cookery book of the Unification of Italy. Casa Artusi is dedicated to Artusi himself and his work. The seat is taken from the restoration of the Church of the Servi and it is divided into spaces with various functions: the library Pellegrino Artusi, the cooking school, the restaurant Casa Artusi, and an area for events.

Since 1997 the municipality of Forlimpopoli has celebrated Artusi with the “Festa Artusiana”, an event completely dedicated to food.
Each year during this festival the “Pellegrino Artusi Prize” is awarded to the person who, for whatever reason, gives the most original contribution to the relationship between man and food.

I had the honor of eating at Casa Artusi in the evening dedicated to the preview of the exhibition of Giovanni Boldini, which was held in Forlì in 2015, and it was a wonderful experience.
Superb cuisine made with love and passion of those who look to the past to improve the present and the future also on the table.

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Casa Artusi
Via A. Costa 23/27 – 47034 Forlimpopoli (FC)


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