Sleeping in al lighthouse

Hopper | Faro

Edward Hopper. Il faro di Two Lights, 1929. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


In the era of GPS, sonar and automatic navigation, a number of signal towers have lost their original significance, being abandoned and turning into ruins. They stand as relics of a bygone era, now waiting to be rediscovered and re-used in a more contemporary fashion.

In an epoch in which technology has entered navigation system, the lighthouse has lost its original meaning, and has become an abandoned architecture, but it has transformed into a place for dream holidays.

I made a list of the 3 most beautiful lighthouses where you can spend your holiday.


Capospartivento Lighthouse guided sailors who sailed near Sardinia for more than 150 years.
Now it’s a luxury hotel which offers its guests one of the most beautiful holidays ever.

Capo Spartivento | Sardegna

Capo Spartivento. Image source:


Croatia is the holiday destination with the most beautiful lighthouses in Europe, such as Porer Lighthouse, located southwest of Istria.
The lighthouse is still functioning and there’s a real lighthouse keeper who welcomes the guests. This is a suitable place for those who want to enjoy the experience of the lighthouse in the middle of the sea.

Faro Porer | Croazia

Faro Porer. Image source:


Since 1815 Corsewall Lighthouse has guided sailors who want to enter the Scottish fiord of Loch Ryan Bay.
This is the suitable place for those who search for a romantic and poetic holiday and also the comforts of modern life (such as an efficient Wi-Fi Internet connection).

Corsewall Lighthouse | Scozia

Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel. Image source:

Lighthouse Interior competition

The Romani Industrie Ceramiche Group’s Cerasarda brand is launching Lighthouse Interior, a competition which asks designers to create a collection inspired by legendary lighthouses.
The fascination of solitary architectural structures immersed in evocative natural settings, translated into stylish, elegant objects ideally suited to high level hospitality facilities facing onto the sea.

The competition consists in designing at least three elements, freely chosen from the options of vases, containers, ornamental plates, lighting sets, table sets, ornamental and decorative objects, ceramic surfaces for floors and walls. The objects must be made of ceramic.
The winners will be chosen by an international jury of top level professionals: Savin Couelle, Manuel Aires Mateur, Martino Gamper, Clemente Busiri Vici, Ken Eastman, Alberto Bassi and Paolo Romani.

Participants can register, subscribe and upload their projects on the CODE portal The competition will award prizes for a total of 10,000 euro, as well as ten honourable mentions. The designs must be submitted by 31 May 2017.

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