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It has become clear that Covid-19 pandemic is transforming into a powerful accelerator for online art galleries. The Strip Gallery online celebrates its first anniversary in 2021, and in this post I’ll make you discover a project that has been able to grow in a very peculiar moment.


An interview with Martina Manco, founder of The Strip Gallery, a year after its opening.

The Strip Gallery online opened in a very peculiar historic period. In March 2021 it celebrates its first anniversary.
We, ART post Blog, have interviewed the founder Martina Manco to know how this project aimed at promoting and selling art online has developed.

galleria d'arte | Strip gallery

ApB: For those who don’t know the Gallery, what they need to know?

Martina Manco: The Strip Gallery online opened online in March 2020, in red zone, as soon as the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic was declared. It was a hard decision, but we had been working on this project for months: the website was ready, the works of art in the warehouse, the collaboration with artists confirmed, everything was ready. We decided not to be discouraged and carry out this project.
Today in March 2021 we celebrate our first anniversary.
Unfortunately, we are still in the same situation as last year, but with a baggage full of novelties.

ApB: How was the first year of activity?

Martina Manco: Our courage to start a new business when many others, unfortunately closed, has been rewarded.
We were able to meet many art collectors and establish very gratifying relationships with them.
We like developing enduring relationships and of trust: we address the person, and not the client. Our greatest satisfaction lies in making the clients satisfied.

The management of an art gallery needs hard work: you need to keep relationships with artists, update the website every day, evaluate works, respond to the requests both via email and by phone, keep up to date on the novelties of the art market and then package with care every single work before sending it. We also got requests from Italy but not only: works of the gallery have been sent also to Australia, Austria, Cyprus, France, United Kingdom, and the USA.
This first year has gone beyond our predictions and this fill us with enthusiasm.
Of course, being online and reachable in every corner of the world has contributed to this result.

ApB: So, has the purchase of works of art moved online, as well?

Martina Manco: Yes, it has!
Many collectors, especially younger art collectors, have benefited from the possibility of choosing a work of art online and get directly at their home, with only a click.
The Internet allows us to keep on pursuing our passions!
We’d like to think that we can continue offering collectors and art lovers a pleasant time to dedicate to their passion.

Choosing a work of art from our art gallery becomes almost a rite of lightheartedness: anyone can admire our proposals on our website, call us for a customized consultation to talk about artists, works to purchase, but also about the world that revolves around art.

During the phone call we notice that clients get excited and want to prolong the talk. So the choice of the work becomes a way to focus on beauty, in a difficult  moment.
Once the work is chosen, clients are impatient for the work to arrive at home, and look forward to opening it to admire in person every small detail.
However, there have been occasions to deliver in person works of art to our clients.

ApB: Which are the next aims of The Strip Gallery online?

Martina Manco: We look forward travelling again to meet our artists and others who are in stand-by mode, go in person to visit their studios to breath the smell of just finished works and peek among their projects.
We have planned to arrange in a short time a very peculiar exhibition, extremely outside the box, that may involve young people, but not only!

And…we’re working to open physical offices in Monza which would become a meeting point to promote meetings among our clients and artists, but also a showcase for those who don’t know the art world.

galleria d'arte online | Strip gallery

To discover who the artists on The Strip Gallery online website are, visit the page

The Strip Gallery has also an  Instragram profile and a Facebook page you should follow right now to keep up to date on the novelties!

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