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Paris is a huge city and the distances between one district and another are truly enormous. It may therefore happen that we feel the need for someone to take us to the most iconic places without having to think about anything else but enjoying the scenery.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to get around Paris without having to worry about travel. There are a number of options such as tour buses and Seine cruises, which you can perhaps even combine with a show or dinner.
Here’s how to get on a tourist bus in Paris, tickets to book and all the tours you can experience.

Sightseeing bus in Paris tickets


The most classic way to visit Paris by bus is to book a tour on a tourist bus that allows you to see the museums, monuments and landmarks of the city and understand how the neighbourhoods are structured.
Exploring Paris on one of those tourist buses allows you to listen to an audio guide full of information and get on and off at any time to better explore the area you are interested in. You can then re-board to continue the tour.
The only thing you have to do is make a reservation (you can already choose a date from the calendar below), show your digital pass and start your discovery tour of the city.


Paris after dark is beautiful and admiring it at night, with the monuments illuminated, will leave you speechless.
There are evening bus tours to see the city in comfort while listening to a multilingual audio guide. Simply board an open-top bus and drive through the Champs-Elysées, see the illuminated Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the famous and mysterious glass pyramid of the Louvre and much more.
If you want, you can also book an evening tour and combine it with the Moulin Rouge show (choose the date that is most convenient for you from the calendar below), for a taste of real Parisian nightlife..


The Bateaux-Mouche is the most beautiful way to see Paris.
It is a mini-cruise on the Seine that allows you to admire the city while crossing the tranquil waters of the river that is a symbol of France.
From the Seine, the city of Paris will seem even more beautiful and, thanks to the multilingual audio guide, you will be able to imagine the battles, commanders, kings, queens and great changes that have taken place over the centuries.
There are several possibilities for taking a Seine cruise: you can book a classic daytime tour (choose a date in the calendar below) or you can book an evening cruise with dinner.


Se non sai deciderti tra il tour in bus o la crociera sulla Senna ti assicuro che è normale!
Io, infatti, quando ho visitato Parigi ho scelto di fare entrambe le esperienze e ho approfittato di un biglietto combinato.
Non ho voluto perdere l’opportunità di ammirare Parigi da due punti di vita così insoliti senza preoccuparmi di nulla.
Mi sono seduta e mi sono gustata il panorama.

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