Watches inspired by works of art: Swatch X Centre Pompidou

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The link between Swatch and art has always been strong.
Swatch has reproduced so many works of art that art has made its way out of museums, onto our wrists, and onto the streets all over the world.

Swatch has been a main partner of the Venice Art Biennale for many years and each time offers a special watch to collect, but it is also committed to supporting artists thanks to its decade-long experience at theSwatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai.
Discovering the new collection of watches inspired by the works of art at the Pompidou is not a surprise but a great confirmation.

watches inspired by works of art


“Ever since the days of Keith Haring, Swatch has always collaborated with and supported famous artists and new talents,” Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti told me when I interviewed him, “tackling light-hearted topics but also more profound ones.”

Swatch’s love of art, therefore, is part of its DNA, and is also transformed into a boundless passion for all art forms, collaborating with the world’s leading cultural institutions.


Six iconic masterpieces from one of the symbols of Paris have been revisited to become art-inspired watches.
Swatch pays tribute to the works of Frida Kahlo, Amedeo Modigliani, Robert Delaunay, Vassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian.

The Swatch X Centre Pompidou collection will be available online and in Swatch Stores from 10 March 2022.
The collection is also available in the Centre Pompidou boutiques and at

Swatch X YOU Centre Pompidou, with three different designs, will be available online and in Swatch Stores from 24 March 2022.

Swatch | Modigliani

PORTRAIT OF DEDIE, BY AMEDEO MODIGLIANI, THE WATCH, celebrates the Italian artist whose iconic portraits capture the face of 20th century Paris. Swatch incorporates the artist’s signature on the Gent strap, including a metallic finish on the dial and an unexpected splash of pink on the case, buckle, loop and hands.

Orologi | arte

CAROUSEL, BY ROBERT DELAUNAY, THE WATCH is inspired by the third version of the artist’s painting, as he had destroyed the first two. Delaunay skilfully uses colours to try to depict its movement. Thus the special dial of this Swatch shows, by means of precise cutouts, the colours printed on the date wheel, offering a dynamic touch to the design of this watch from the Gent family.

Swatch | Eiffel

EIFFEL TOWER, BY ROBERT DELAUNAY, THE WATCH reworks the artist’s famous angular representation in perspective of one of the symbols of Paris in all its glory. The proportions of the Gent watch remain faithful to Delaunay’s original, while the dial, strap and hands feature shades of red, yellow, orange and blue.

Swatch | Frida Kahlo

THE FRAME, BY FRIDA KAHLO, THE WATCH, prompts Swatch to reinvent one of the artist’s most famous self-portraits, with a mirror image perfectly divided between six and twelve o’clock on the dial. The festive, vibrant colours of The Frame are echoed on the front of the NEW Gent watch, perfectly balanced by the pink base and underside of the strap.

Swatch | Mondrian

RED, BLUE AND WHITE BY PIET MONDRIAN, THE WATCH pays tribute to the founding father of geometric abstractionism, whose influence is most evident in the fields of fashion, architecture and design. Swatch has ensured that the precise tones of the original work are reproduced on the New Gent, complementing it with a matte black dial and large hands.

Swatch | Kandinski

BLUE SKY, BY VASSILY KANDINSKY, THE WATCH, is inspired by the artist’s fascination with the colour blue. Swatch reproduces Kandinsky’s deep, textural painting technique in the New Gent model, with many intriguing characters also present in the original painting.

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