What to do in Turin

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What to do in Turin if you must stay in the city in summer?
You can do a lot of things, and you can enjoy the city in an alternative way without regretting a holiday by the sea.
The city offers a rich historical and artistic heritage which can satisfy even the most demanding tourists.
Turin is the first city in the list of 5 italian cities to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Here are my tips on what to do in Turin in summer.

MUSEO EGIZIO (Egyptian Museum)

Founded in 1824 and considered the most important Egyptian museum after the Museum of Cairo in Egypt.
In 2015 it was inaugurated after a long restoration and now has become a museum to visit many times.
So, if you have already been there you must come back to discover new itineraries, and if you haven’t visited it yet you must go there to admire the statues of Ramesses II, Amenophis II, Tuthmosi III and the huge statue of Seti II.

Museo Egizio. Image source: Musement.com


A journey back to the past to discover the story of car which has been an important part in the history of the city of Turin.


Located inside the Mole Antonelliana tower, this museum will surprise you for the abundance of documents, and you’ll learn how the seventh art was born and has developed.
In the center of the building there’s also a panoramic lift to go up to the top of the Mole to admire the city and the beautiful surrounding landscape.

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Museo del Cinema. Image source: Inexhibit.com

LEGGI ANCHE: il post con le informazioni sulla mostra dedicata a Lady Diana, che si svolge alla Reggia di Venaria dall’8 luglio 2017 al 28 gennaio 2018.


Turin is also a city to discover by bike.
There are several urban and suburban cycle paths and along the rivers, as well.
The most beautiful itinerary in my opinion?
The itinerary going through the Parco del Valentino (Valentino Park), but I also suggest that you lose yourself in the streets of the city to find out its hidden corners.

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Ready to amaze you and beautiful in all seasons, this palace will enchant you.
Having a coffee at the palace of Venaria will make you feel you’re on holiday.

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Reggia di Venaria. Image source: TgTourism.tv

In addition to all that, your programme should include (but I’ll only mention them): the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento, the Museum of Natural History, the Royal Armoury of Turin, Palazzo Madama and the GAM (Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torino-Turin Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art).

Are you ready to spend your summer in the city?

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