Wooden artwork: inspirations and ideas from the art world

Alessio Zanella | opera legno


Transforming a material into a work of art is a talent that few possess, I have already written about artists who create works of art from paper and also those who create works of art from glass, in this post I want to share with you the most beautiful works of art from wood.

These are works created by extraordinary artists, who can magically extract wonderful objects, statues and works of art from a piece of wood.

Wooden works of art

Alessio Zanella lives in the province of Venice and manages to give wood new forms, drawing inspiration from the masterpieces of contemporary artists, graphic designers and illustrators.

Alessio Zanella’s works are carved, assembled and painted, exploiting all the possibilities of an ancient material that has always been used to create sculptures but also as a support for painting.
You do not need precious materials to create an emotion and Alessio Zanella creates magic with wood.

Visit his Instragram profile to admire more of his creations – @alessiozanella72

Alessio Zanella | scultura legno

Alessio Zanella

Bruno Walpoth was born in Bressanone (BZ) in 1959; he lives and works in Ortisei in Trentino-Alto Adige.

Walpoth combines academic training with the 400-year history of wood sculpture in Trentino-South Tyrol and mixes these with the techniques and forms of contemporary sculpture.
His sculptures are often painted to make the figure depicted and the story it tells look realistic. The eyes of the sculpted subjects, however, are elusive, avoiding those of the observer and closing in on their thoughts and secrets.

Visit the official website to admire all his creations – https://www.walpoth.com

Bruno Walpoth | sculture legno

Bruno Walpoth

Willy Verginer, who lives and works in Ortisei, brings together elements of design, Tyrolean folklore, art history, photography and fashion to unite past and present.

Willy Verginer’s wooden works are unique.
They are hyper-realistic and dreamlike works that speak above all about ecology and philosophy, poetry and current affairs.
The subjects reflect the problems of our time, pollution and the need to protect the environment.

Visit his Instragram profile to admire more of his creations and to discover his upcoming exhibitions – http://www.verginer.com

Willy Verginer | opere legno

Willy Verginer

After attending the sculpture and drawing course at the Ortisei Art Institute, Hermann Josef Runggaldier learned and perfected his sculpture technique in various workshops.

In the years 1969-1972 he travelled to Vienna, Berlin, London and the USA to study new techniques and new ways of shaping wood. During this period his graphic work was also intense.
In 1975, he was awarded the title ‘Master Sculptor’, began to participate in several group exhibitions and opened numerous solo exhibitions.
His sculptures are inspired by the great classical tradition and are a tool for contemplating the relationships, measurements, volumes and contents connected to the human figure, its full evidence in space and in the light that space defines.

On the official website you will find his most spectacular creations – http://www.hermannjosef.com/it/

Hermann Josef Runggaldier | opere in legno

Hermann Josef Runggaldier


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