The discipline of silence and the works of Pino Biggi

Pino Biggi | opere


In complicated and noisy times, observing Pinto Biggi’s works is almost therapeutic.
His visions instil an inner calm that few works can give, and after all, his references were great artists like Duccio and Savinio.

The secret, I believe, is silence.
A silence that lurks in his works and emerges from them to pervade the viewer and instil that serenity that we probably badly need today.

The works of Pino Biggi

Pino Biggi | quadro

In front of and behind his ‘curtains’, the iconic subjects of so many of his works, what acts as protagonist and spectator is silence: an interval that seems to have no limit, where the passions and desires of both the painter and the beholder are amplified without limits.
Pino Biggi’s works should be interpreted as places of the heart and of dreams: autobiographical spaces of the artist, open, however, to welcome those who are willing to enter them.

None of Pino Biggi’s works has a title by choice of the artist.
His pictorial production can be divided into five historical periods and as many prevalent iconographic themes.
Biggi produced an initial cycle of female figures around 1958, followed in parallel by a production of small, almost abstract bronze sculptures.

In the early 1970s he developed a new language that flowed into idealised architectures characterised by windows opening not only in the walls, but also in the ceilings and floors.
In the 1980s, with the ‘Carioca‘ series of works, Pino Biggi combined figuration and abstraction.
These are images, or in cases of details, curvilinear objects or structures that recall, with their diagonal movements and allusive dynamic perspectives, fabrics, organza, roofs, tiles, represented in a singular chromatic counterpoint.

Typical of Pino Biggi’s works is the focus on details, especially textiles and clothing, because, as we read in a statement by the author himself:

“What we consider figurative in the various historical epochs of painting has only been so for the face, while the fabric of clothes can often be considered an abstract composition”.

Between the 1980s and the 1990s, the female nude reappears, while the demon of optical illusionism advances with the veils that cover the vital femininity of his abstract Venuses, the wombs of enthroned Madonnas dressed in brightly coloured draperies.

Pino Biggi | artista


From 16 July to 15 August 2022, the Municipality of Seravezza and the Fondazione Terre Medicee are dedicating an extensive anthological exhibition to the Tuscan master Pino Biggi entitled Pino Biggi. Discipline of Silence.
An exhibition curated by Michele Bonuomo and set up in the exhibition spaces of the stables of the Palazzo Mediceo in Seravezza.

Pino Biggi. Disciplina del silenzio (Discipline of Silence)
Scuderie del Palazzo Mediceo Seravezza (LU): Piazza del Palazzo Mediceo
16 July – 15 August 2022

The exhibition with the works of Pino Biggi consists of a significant nucleus of exemplary works by the artist.
An important contribution to the realisation and organisation of the exhibition was lent by the artist’s heirs, who keep the Maestro’s archive and studio.


Pino Biggi. Ediz. illustrata – The book, which is divided into two sections, presents an anthology of Pino Biggi’s paintings and a short collection of his short stories, written in the 1950s and brought together under the title (desired by Umberto Saba) of Novelle quasi fiabe.

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