Biennale Arte 2019 what to see: the Pavillions and the exhibitions

Biennal Arte | mostre Venezia


Biennale Arte 2019 what to see during the most important international art exhibition in the world.
In this post you’ll find all the updates

Update 21 May 2019 – Informations and Tickets 


The Venice Biennial takes place in two different exhibition venues, one located at the Giardini and the other at the Arsenale, while the collateral events are found throughout the city.
To know exactly how to get there and what means to take to reach the two main locations, I suggest you read the post Venice Biennale tickets 2019: how to visit it.

Before arriving in Venice I suggest you have already booked the entrance ticket.
You can book the single ticket online for the Gardens and the Arsenal, as well as the side exhibitions. The cost is 25 euros.


THE ILLYCAFFE ‘DINNERS – Illycaffè is the main sponsor of the 2019 Biennale Arte and proposes, in this edition, a series of dinners in collaboration with Guide Michelin.
It is therefore possible to book a dinner at the “Le Bombarde” restaurant in the Arsenale of Venice where an artist, selected by the curator Ralph Rugoff, and a star chef will give life to a unique creative moment.
These dinners celebrate the bond that binds IllyCaffè to the Biennale for ten years and are a way to support the Biennale, in fact part of the proceeds of this initiative will be donated to the digitalisation project of the photo library of the Historical Archive of Contemporary Art of the Venice Biennale .

THE ARTISTS SUPPORTED BY SWATCH – Swatch is a partner of the Venice Biennale and confirms, also in this edition, the commitment to promote art with two projects.
Swatch presents the “Swatch Faces” exhibition and the works of four artists who lived an experience in the Swatch artist residence in Shanghai, in the Sale d’Armi of the Venice Arsenal.
At the Giardini, instead, Swatch presents the works of a single artist who has also created the Swatch Art Special, or the limited edition watch for this 58th Biennial of Art.

INDEPENDENT EVENTS – On the occasion of the Venice Biennale there are many independent events not to be missed. Among all the events and exhibitions one is particularly interesting because it brings to the fore the works of Luigi Pericle, a Swiss artist forgotten for decades and now finally rediscovered.
The Querini Stampalia Foundation of Venice hosts the first retrospective of this artist, who was the protagonist of European painting in the second half of the twentieth century.

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The Exhibition will develop from the Central Pavilion (Giardini) to the Arsenale, and will include 79 artists from all over the world.
The Exhibition will also include 90 National Participations in the historic Pavilions at the Giardini, at the Arsenale and in the historic city centre of Venice. Four countries will be participating for the first time at the Biennale Arte: Algeria, Ghana, Madagascar, and Pakistan. The Dominican Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan for the first time at the Biennale Arte with its own national pavilion.

21 Collateral Events which are admitted by the curator and promoted by non-profit national and international bodies and institutions, take place in several locations; they offer a wide range of contributions and participations that enrich the diversity of voices that characterizes the Biennale.

Forte Marghera Special Project, Mestre – Ludovica Carbotta, one of the artists taking part in the International Exhibition, has been invited by Ralph Rugoff to expressly make a work in Forte Marghera, inside the building called the Austrian Polveriera.

Applied Arts Pavilion Special Project, Arsenale, Sale d’Armi – Marysia Lewandowska is the artist set to exhibit in the Pavilion of Applied Arts located in the Arsenale, Sale d’Armi. The project, renewed for the fourth consecutive year, is the result of the collaboration between La Biennale and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Biennale Arte Venezia 2019 (Update 14 August 2018)

Titled “May You Live in Interesting Times, the exhibition is curated by Ralph Rugoff and will take place from 11 May to 24 November 2019.

The titled is a phrase of English invention that has long been mistakenly cited as an ancient Chinese curse that invokes periods of uncertainty, crisis and turmoil; “interesting times”, exactly as the ones we live in today.

Biennale Venezia | Padiglione Russia

THE curator OF THE Biennale ARTE VENEZIA 2019

Ralph Rugoff is the curator of the 58th International Art Exhibition della Biennale Arte di Venezia 2019.
He is the first UK-based curator to land the prestigious role and the first American to fill the post since Robert Storr in 2007.
Rugoff is no stranger to juggling a day job with extracurricular projects. He was the curator of the 2015 Biennale de Lyon and recently co-organized the talks program at Frieze London.

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Ralph Rugoff | Biennale Arte 2019

Ralph Rugoff


Rugoff explained his Biennale:
“The 58th International Art Exhibition will not have a theme per se, but will highlight a general approach to making art and a view of art’s social function as embracing both pleasure and critical thinking.”

May You Live in Interesting Times will aim to welcome its public to an expansive experience of the deep involvement, absorption and creative learning that art makes possible. This will entail engaging visitors in a series of encounters that are essentially playful, taking into account that it is when we play that we are most fully ‘human.’ This will mean tweaking aspects of the Exhibition format where possible to make sure they are sympathetically aligned with the character of the art being presented.”

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Giardini biennale | Padiglione Centrale

58. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte – Biennale Venezia 2019
11 may – 24 november 2019



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