Famous paintings t-shirts: art to wear

t-shirt con quadri famosi


Do you love famous paintings t-shirts to wear, too?
I have a lot of these t-shirts, and as soon as the first sun warms I wear them because they make me happy and t-shirts decorated with masterpieces or artists are practical to wear.

Just a t-shirt with Michelangelo’s David on it and a pair of jeans and you’ll start your day with the right amount of energy!
There are several famous paintings t-shirts for sale, and I’ve decided to make a list of my favourite ones right now.
Which ones on the list do you prefer? I look forward to reading your answer in the comments.

Famous paintings t-shirts: art to wear

david by michelangelo | t-shirt

Michelangelo’s David  like a rock star.
David is a real masterpiece, admired by thousands of visitors each year at the Accademia Gallery of Florence and which enchants anyone.
But here it is matched with David Bowie’s symbol: the lightning bolt on the 1973 album cover “Aladdin Sane”.
Michelangelo’s David like David Bowie!

There are different versions of van Gogh’s Sunflowers scattered in museums all over the world, because the artist loved these flowers and couldn’t stop painting them as soon he had the chance.
My favourite version is that housed at the National Gallery in London, which is the painting inspiring this t-shirt.

sunflowers | van Gogh

Van Gogh painted not only Sunflowers, but also a series of masterpieces loved and reproduced on many t-shirts and objects. If you don’t know  which masterpiece by van Gogh to choose for your new t-shirt, don’t worry because you can wear all his most important masterpieces thanks to this collection of his works of art to wear.
All of them are on the list. Form The Starry Night to his Self-Portrait and also Bedroom in Arles by van Gogh. 

t-shirt van gogh

The combination of art and rock is maybe my favourite.
What do you think of this Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci  in version of guitarist?
I love it!

Do you like this selection of famous paintings t-shirts and would you like to buy one immediately?
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