Perpetual Calendar: the form of time becoming design

calendario perpetuo | Timor

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There was a time you had to look at the calendar to know what day it was, and there were no phone or computer screens telling the day or what time it was.
Do you remember that?
At that time desk calendars were fundamental, and in 1966 Enzo Mari designed for the brand Danese the Timor perpetual calendar, which became an object of desire, and is a design icon still today.

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calendario perpetuo

The Timor perpetual calendar is an object destined to last forever.
It draws inspiration from railway signs in form as well as in movement, because the sheets spin around a pin and indicate month, day of the week and number.
It’s easy to understand why the perpetual calendarhas become a design object: you place it on your desk and you look at it as it was a sculpture.

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