The body in the works of Enrica Berselli

Enrica Berselli | mostre arte contemporanea

Enrica Berselli, Reich Gottes Autopoiesi, 2021, cera, pigmenti e bibbia tedesca


Enrica Berselli (Modena, 1984) sculpts, draws and paints relics of bodies in perpetual mutation through the skin, a symbolic place of communication between what is internal and invisible and the external world.

The body is the protagonist in Enrica Berselli’s works.

The works of Enrica Berselli

Enrica Berselli | opere

Enrica Berselli, Anafilassi da Stasi, 2020, cera, pigmenti e ferro

From the construction of ‘cutaneous’ rituals fixed in pictorial works, to fragments and fragments of organic tissues in mutation in drawings and miniatures, to anatomical waxes, the artist deforms and plays with the cages of anatomy and the recognisable in favour of a sometimes disturbing hyper-irrealism.

Enrica Berselli’s works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions at Officine dell’Immagine (MI), Palazzo della Penna (PG), Palazzo Durini (MI), Abnormals Gallery (Berlin).

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The Modenese artists Enrica Berselli, Alice Padovani and Federica Poletti, reference artists on the contemporary art scene, are the protagonists of the exhibition ‘Daughters of Fire’, curated by Barbara Codogno, scheduled from 6 July to 18 September 2022 at the Complesso di San Paolo in Modena, recently restored and returned to the city for cultural events.

Enrica Berselli, Alice Padovani, Federica Poletti
Curated by Barbara Codogno
Complex of San Paolo, Modena
6 July – 18 September 2022

The exhibition itinerary, developed in the spaces of the Ex-Church and the Sala delle Monache, where paintings and decorations from the 17th century have been brought back to light, includes a theory of wax sculptures by Enrica Berselli, which reconstruct the body starting from its relics.

The title of the exhibition – ‘Daughters of Fire’ – refers to the work that sealed the brief earthly existence of the Romantic writer Gérard de Nerval, the first to elect the dream as a bridge between reality and the supernatural (übernatürlich).

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